Environmental evidence b(i)ased decision making….which one are you doing?

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What’s the difference between evidence based decision making and evidence biased decision making…. well the “i” of course but the important answer is your eye! The consequences of this difference are however a serious matter. They can mean the difference between the success or failure of a multi-million dollar investment, an action to save a threatened species that works or doesn’t or an organizational or personal reputation that is enhanced or is destroyed.

So how do you know if the evidence you are using to assist in your decision making is improving your decision (reducing risk) or actually making your decision worse?  What type of biases can influence your decision, how can you reduce the risk of these biases in your decision making and how accountable are we for our decisions in environmental management?

In this three part series I will discuss these questions and provide some practical guidance to assist you to understand, assess and reduce your risk of poor decision making due to the selection and use of inadequate or inappropriate evidence. The aim is to enable you to make more informed decisions about when you should invest in collecting new evidence. (more…)