Evidentiary values truth and knowledge, equitable access to truth and knowledge by all sections of the community and the right of enquiry. We value the role of science in society so that we understand before we judge and we value the importance of the environment on human well-being and the importance of humans on environmental well-being. As a team and a workplace we recognise and value the individual, team effort, mutual respect and empathy.

Our Vision

To improve human and environmental well-being outcomes through the use of independent, trustworthy and objective evidence informing decision making and value judgements.

Our Goals

Evidentiary has several goals to enable us to achieve our vision:

  • Increase the awareness and uptake of evidence based practice
  • To enable the community to interact with science in a positive and meaningful way
  • Use the best available evidence judiciously and responsibly to inform decisions and judgements
  • To inform and empower those individuals and groups that do not have the privilege of adequate access to education or resources


We have crafted four core areas of our business to best meet our client’s needs and fulfill the mission and values of Evidentiary. These four areas represent a mix of evidence services, training, education and research. While our team undertakes a variety of client projects and training, we also very much believe in undertaking “applied evidence synthesis” where we undertake research and apply the lessons learnt to encourage behaviour change and improve well-being and environmental outcomes. Our flagship example of this is through our “Its Naturally You” program where we have taken over 5 years evidence based research on the influence of natural environments on human wellbeing and developed a number of field based programs. Our programs reflect the understanding we have of how to deliver well-being outcomes for different needs whether they be for stress relief, to build self confidence, to explore new ambitions or to connect with like minded people.

Evidence services

Improving your outcomes by using evidence is at the core of what we do. Our team has leading skills in undertaking evidence search and synthesis as well as evidence based evaluations, strategic planning and science communication. We can do the work for you or train you how to do your own evidence search and synthesis

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Evidentiary conducts in house and public training events in key areas of evidence informed decision making including how to effectively search, store, synthesise and use evidence to reduce decision risks, to improve evaluation rigour, improve outcome achievement and in understanding and dealing with cognitive biases.

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Evidence Implementation

Ensuring that our evidence based findings are used to inform decision making and improve practice is fundamental to Evidentiary’s goals hence we have launched the “It’s Naturally You”  initiative, an exciting and nature based health and well-being field program developed based on over 6 years of evidence research on the relationship between well-being and nature.

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Pro-bono and donations

Evidentiary understands the importance of practising what we preach and in giving back to the community through pro bono research activities. Evidentiary also donates funds to a number of special projects including environmental works on Fiji islands and an international student financial award for students undertaking a Masters of Sustainability.

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Rob Richards

Director and researcher

B.Nat Res (Hons)

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Karen Richards

Mental Health advisor and researcher

B. Bus, Grad Dip. Human Services (Counselling)

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Jane Morris

Social media manager & Environmental Ethicist


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Emma Swann

Senior Researcher & Nature Guide

LLB (Hons), BA (Politics), M. Env. Mgmt

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